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2001-10-22 13:10:04 (UTC)

feeling good

yes i am feeling good today, better than i have the past
few days. maybe its because i have peace today, the house
to myself, i dont know but it is nice to feel so good
again. waiting patiently for my Mistress to arrive knowing
i am in excellent frame of mind i can be the best that i
can be for Mistress today, altho, i do have a bratty side
that is itching to get out...hmmmmm will have to be careful
some i suppose. funny how i think about the fact i have not
been punished for anything in a long while. maybe if i begg
well enough Mistress will allow my ass to be reminded of
things...grins. things like who it belongs to, who it loves
to serve, in past when i have felt this way i have acted
out by actually needing a punishment but i know better now.
that is childish and quite foolish to risk loosing my
place. Mistress dont play games, this is a good thing for
it has taught me so much and has allowed me to grow. i
wonder if She too thinks of these things. well anyway, i am
great, kids are great, husband is ok. all is well on the
homefront and to look foward to hubby is supposingly going
away this weekend. the only concerne i have today and its
hidden in my mind but i know its there is about my Mistress
upcomming surgery. this brings many worries to mind if i
think about it. well least one is taken care of, Mistress,
hubby has come around some and will support Her thru this
so it eases my mind to know this, that yes Someone is there
to help Her, wether it be to run errands or just to hold
Her hand. i think this surgery will take a big emotional
inpact on Mistress and i being so far away can only do so
much. i hope he behaves thru this for Her is all, a very
long story that i dont feel i have right to comment on here
so i wont.

*deep breath* ok here it goes i worry my Mistress may
become vulnerable after this surgery and i dont want him,
(Her hubby) to take advantage of Her, k there i said it.

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