Evil Elvis
2001-10-22 12:40:25 (UTC)

Hell is....

...being single when everyone around you is a couple.

There's no way to escape it in work either, being that
everyone in here is shagging everyone else in here...except
me :(

Sometimes I really hate being single, although I never
really seem to do anything about it. I've never ever gone
out on the pull (wouldn't even know how to...) and
generally have no idea about women....

That said, I'm usually more comfortable talking to women, I
can talk to them about anything..something I can't do with
male friends or family.

Need to do something, but not sure what. Would love to be
with someone, but am too scared. I fear rejection
nowadays..I reckon I'm far more sensitive about such things
now. I didn't used to be that way...

Why am I less outgoing the older I am getting?? I thought
the idea was that experience would make me a stronger,
better person...instead I tend to shy away from any
situation that may repeat a bad experience (of which there
are many...)

Answers on a postcard....