a little piece of me
2001-10-22 12:37:13 (UTC)

No title

not a very creative title, but it's too damn early for
creativity! my mom is coming today, and i wanted to write
in here while i have some privacy (she's soo nosey). last
night michael and i had another fight. i don't know why i
do it, but whenever i get to feeling down (even when
there's nothing to feel down about, which is the case more
often than not), i question his motives for everything. he
has never done anything to make me do this. like, he told
me to stay home last night, take a hot bath, curl up with
some popcorn, and watch a cheesy monster movie (that boy
knows me too well :D), and what did i do? accused him of
avoiding me. i'm so glad he puts up with my shit. he
really shouldn't, but he does. he got mad at me, we
yelled, i cried, he fixed it. it's like, i'm so afraid
he's going to leave me all the time, that i'm giving him an
excuse to do so. i don't want that at all! i don't know
why i keep doing shit like this to him. before him, i
never knew it was possible to love someone so much
(actually, i didn't know it was possible to love someone at
all...i didn't really believe that love existed. pretty
miserable way to live, if you ask me). i am one lucky

so today is looking better. i woke up this morning feeling
truly loved, and that hasn't happened in awhile. i also
got an email from someone, and it really made my day ( ;)
you know who you are...thanks again). although i do have
an animal physiology quiz that i didn't study for. oops.
oh well, i found that i do the same whether i study or
not. that class is impossible. without that curve, i'd be
screwed! so, i guess i better go a little early and read
through my notes real quick.

to anyone who might be reading this, have a great (or good
at least) day! i think i just might do the same...