Evil Elvis
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2001-10-22 10:22:03 (UTC)

Weekend??? What's the point of that???

Gah, Monday already....

Pretty ropey weekend as weekends go...I always feel as if
everyone else in the world is doing something exotic like
nude ski-ing in Azerbaijan, rather than sitting home
watching Pop Idol....certainly the fucker upstairs from me
was, as his party didn't finish til 5am!!!

There's a point actually, why at parties do people always
insist on playing "crowd pleasers??" If they were at home
on their own they would never play such drivel, yet get a
group of steamers in Ben Sherman shirts together and out
comes the gayest collection of party anthems since Xmas at
my mums!!

In other exciting news, I finally managed to get both my
contact lenses in at the same time!!! VICTORY!!! Feels
really weird to have peripheral vision again....

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