2001-10-22 09:22:47 (UTC)

Fall Day

It truly has been a fall day. The leaves from all the trees
are starting to fall in real earnest now. The front and
back yards both are covered. There's not much point in
raking yet or in cleaning out the gutters as there are still
many more leaves on the trees. One good windstorm and that
should take care of it.
We have almost a dozen pumpkins in the garage the boys
brought home from the country house. I'll need to remind the
boys this week to carve them so that we can put them out on
the front porch. I'll need to add small votive candles to
my list of Halloween-y things to buy too.
We've had a fire in the fireplace all day. It's been
lovely. I've left the doors open to get more heat and we
do, as it also has a fan. Gavin and John had brought home
another pick-up load of wood on Saturday so the wood is
beautiful and dry. What we have in the house now is from
John's parent's old apple tree.
I've spent my day today reading and quilting. Tomorrow will
be another baking day.