Charm's World
2001-10-22 07:32:45 (UTC)

great day vs bad day

welli had a nice hair cut..from long to short..looks pretty
young duh..and all my frenssaid it is nice! guess wat? the
most exciting part is that i got it for free:)

well the bad nes is i hardly study today...went of hair
cut..went for tute and lecture..and lunch and back
home...sitting infront of the internet.

my 2nd ex massaged me...hhahaha same old stuff..asking to
patch up...he nvr change...not at all..anyway..he hold no
chance at all...i promisr myself to love only my bf..or
infact i shall call him my husband..i wish i can see him
everyday.i can feel his love too and that's y i m so

well guess i have to place him back inoto my ignore
list...he is too much..when i gave hima chance..he didnt
treasure is asking for another chance...swear
to myself..i wont gif him not a single chance!

exam is really near..i have to study now..see ya!