Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-10-22 07:13:26 (UTC)

People I hate

Here it is folks! The long-awaited non-poem journal
entry! Anyway, this one is about people I hate. Not
specific people (that would just be cruel), but types of
First of all, I hate guys who try to impress girls by
seeming cultured and well-versed in non-mainstream topics.
For example, I was at Espresso Corner a couple weeks ago
(well, I'm there every night, but this specific indcident
happened a couple weeks ago) and it was a Wednesday night,
so the house jazz band was playing. They're not too bad, I
might add... tenor sax player is great, this guy named
Cameron plays the bass guitar like a god. Anyway, I'm
standing at the counter waiting for my coffee, and this guy
(I forget what frat letters were on his sweatshirt) is
talking to the girl who is with him right behind me at the
counter. He's commenting on the band, as if he knew a
goddamn thing about jazz. He specifically noted
the "subtle hints of Miles Davis influence" in the band's
SONG!!! Not only were they playing a Miles Davis song, but
it was the song "So What", which is arguably the most
famous jazz song EVER!!! So in summary, this jerk-off was
trying to show his knowledge about jazz music by saying
that a band who was playing a cover of a Miles Davis song
had a playing style that was subtly influenced by Miles
Davis. What a fucking moron.

I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. I'll talk more about
people I hate some other time.