Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-10-22 07:04:43 (UTC)

Poem - "Today"

I wake up and take a look at the clock,
And realize with no real shock
That today is the first,
And hopefully the worst
Moment of another day.
Twenty-four more hours to play
This spirit-crushing game,
But it's all the same
When none of us knows the rules
Or has the tools
To fix the machine.
I think I've seen
This day once or twice before,
It's the one where my head is sore,
And I've always got a cigarette,
But still no girl yet,
The one where I talk, breathe, and eat,
Wearing black boots upon my feet,
The one where I spend most of the day
Wasting my pitiful life away.
I've seen this day and it's no fun,
Will somebody please give me another one?

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