Life as I know it.
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2001-10-22 06:50:37 (UTC)

10 things i hate about you

SO Its sunday, well officially monday and did i talk to
matt yet? No. Ahhhh figures, such is my sucky life.

Last night I went to this party in which i was drunk as
hell before i even went to this party...and drank more and
more, ran into the usual suspescts (AKA my friends) and
drank more. So i dont know how it happened but me and Ian
started making out...Ian is this boy that went to my old
college and is pretty good friends with most of my friends
and we are merely acquaintences...and yeah we hook up big
time, in public too, which shows how drunk i was (I HATE
PDA I TRY NOT TO DO IT). So yeah now i have to live with
that since im sure to see him at least ohhhhh onec a week.
I hope he isnt freaked out by that or me. Cause im cool
with it, it happens ya know? We were drunk we hooked up.
Happens all the time. But i know its gonna be weird.

ANd tnoight i was all psyched about going to see the
Bouncing SOuls...ive been waiting for this show since i
heard about it coming up...which was back in august i
think. For some reason LAGA thought they were gonna be
raided tonight and only let 390 people in. Thats all. I
even had my ticket and everything...so i get to see them
for free on November 27th but still.......i actually
emailed matt asking him if he got in, cause im curious on
what happened. I'll let you know when i really know diary

GOD I DONT WANNA GO TO BED!!!!!!! I have to get up and
write THREE yes THREE papers tomorrow....BLAH FUCKING BLAH.