Catrina Can't Figure It Out
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2001-10-22 06:22:28 (UTC)

its been awhile

hi, wow, its been a long long time since ive written. im
just sittin here with my cat. yeah! i got a cat! his name
is breaker. he is truly the love of my life. he is an
orange tabby and has a super long tail. he is great. he
loves me. and its kinda sad that the only guy that loves me
right now is my cat. im sittin here with the guy who lives
across the hall, J. we arent talkin and i dont know why. im
just listening to my new cd and writing to you.
things have gotten so much better lately. i think im
finally winning my battle with depression. im really
starting to get my life in order. gettin shit done. going
to class, most of the time! i have a trainer and ive been
working out three times a week. thats about it. its not too
exciting but its better than it was. my shrink is pretty
cool. im just taking prozac and i recently started on
aderral. so i think its finally all coming together. ill
write more later, i gotta figure out if J is mad. i am
being bitchy cause i have pms. good excuse huh???? anyways,
ill start writing again. missed you!!!!! xoxoxo