A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-10-22 05:52:13 (UTC)

Just woke up

Now my sleep scedual is all messed up. I worked last
night, it SUCKED!! B was pissed off because his son is in
town and hasn't called him yet. Understandable, but that
doesn't mean he has to take it out on everyone else. So I
got pissed, bla. Went to the bar afterward for some "sleep
aid." I love chartreuce. I was home and in bed by 1 or
so. And then I had to work this morning. I hate that.
I'm NOT a morning person. Got home about 6, fell right
back asleep. Now I'm up and my sleep scedual is fucked.

5 days until my b-day.

9 days till Tori.