Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
2001-10-22 05:18:15 (UTC)

Finding a soul mate (oct. 21st, 2001)

Ok, so we all wish that we could find someone that is
totally perfect for us. And some lucky people do! I guess
I can say that I think that I have found mine...finally.
But the problem is, he hasn't called....

What happend was on Friday, my roomate Jessi and I wanted
to do mushrooms and hang out in our residence. But
unfortunatly, we couldn't get some. But fortunatly,
Jessi's friend Brian came up with an awesome plan to do
ecstacy instead and go to a bar. E is my drug of choice!
so we get the E, make it to the bar and the first person I
see, is this blond guy wearing baggy, ripped jeans and a
blue plaid shirt!
ANyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Kurt
cobain and this guy was it!
SO, once the E kicked in and Jess and I were dancing our
asses off and touching ppls hair, I decided this guy's hair
would feel great! So right after I touch mr. wonderfuls
hair, he and I start talking and he keeps blowing me these
kisses all the time! I kept rubbing his goatee and telling
him how cute he was! *swoon* So as the night went on, I
learned more and more about him (his name is Chance, he
plays guitar and vocals in a band, his favorite bands are
Sublime, Nirvana and Floyd. Now, as petty as this all may
seem to you, to me and my friends, this is verry strange!
See, last weekend, on our E hangover day, Jess and I decide
to write a list of all we want in our "soul mate". Now,
EVERYTHING that Chance had said to me, happens to be
EXACTLY what I had on my list! How odd? Now, he got my
number, and I left with some friends to go to an after
hours club.... which was completely disgusting and made my
downer a thousand times worse!
So it is now, 1:14 am Monday morning, and loverboy still
hasn't called! All my male friends inform me that it is
absolutely riddiculous that I think he would have called by
now, apparently, men have this 3 day rule!! Now listen
boys, women want you to call, ASAP! none of that 3 day
so, I hope he calls very soon, and I hope things work out!
He was such a sweetheart, and all my friends think it's
fate! well fuck fate! make him call me!!!
*PeAcE*LoVe*EmPaThY*----Alice In Oz