ek_shaks' Diary
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2001-10-22 05:07:30 (UTC)

Current Research

It seems everything is going well. I've found a theoritical
topic to work on. No circuits. Nothing which I hate. But
the goal is superb n splendid. My advisor has the faith in
me to embark on sucha a risky project mission.
I'm still not satisfied. The goal is awesome and i feel
too uneducated to strive for it alone. I'm not alone
though. My advisor is there at every step with me. It might
come out to be a perfect story. A substancial contribution
as he calls it.
But the fact is I don't find him adorable. He's too
impatient, un-understanding..and perhaps selfish. Still his
dedication towards research is pure. So, that doesn't make
a good advisor for me.
If i'll quit, I'll quit due to him. I need a greateer
human being as a guide. I need a friend and this is too
much to ask perhaps. I dont know how the so called big-
shots behave. they dont have time. i dont know if they are
nice people.
So, I don't feel like doing PhD under him.
Pros :
1. he's into formal methods. if i continue, i mite make a
substancial contribution. which has been my dream. being
quoted all over.
2. he's available 24 hrs
3. listens to what i say..my opinions...considerably broad
minded i must say.
so this mite lead to the conclusion that if by the end of
the next yr u r into some cool research go on. If not, quit.

Look for places where ur advisor has all of above qualities
n is a nice guy too. emerman,? moshe vardi? its a trade off

Cons :
1. doing phd under someone who doesn't undersatnd u..naah.
2. doing phd under soomeone who doesn't know which way to
take..who's just hacking abt with no confidence..at least
with no better confidence than urself. naah
(this thing wud be clear over the next year)
the decision above seems reasonable rite?
3. he's too demanding. Its good in the sense that I work to
satisfy him and hence i progress, but my personal life is
screwed if I just follow him. I need to enjoy the life my
way, whether i do research or not.

Few Things I'm clear on :
1. i dont want circuits. NO. a firm NO.
2. i'd like to work in various fields. OS, Distri Sys, web,
Visualisation..all from the formal viewpoint..build systems
that is..not just argue about them.
3. This place n advisor seems alright to do a PhD. After a
PhD, u wud be a free bird. Its a nice setting. If only i
happen to do something over the next year. This means a
wait for another 5 yrs for freedom. It will take the next
year to decide. That is it!
4. I need to enjoy life my way, whether I do research or
5. As for AI, same. Wait for 1 yr. If ur doing PhD here.
take that thing as another project. If ur not, then wait
for an opportunity in the industry.

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