Jake Harley

My Life's Worth
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2001-10-22 05:05:40 (UTC)

This should be a good time waster....

Here I am, 10:00 at night on Sunday, wanting to feel
connected to the outside. Will this do it? I don't know.

Last night I stayed out at a friend's house, got to enjoy a
hot tub and some other fun and out of the ordinary
activities. However, today it was back to business
studying biochemistry...I need to kick some proverbial ass
this quarter to make up for my poor showing last spring. I
feel these last few months have been pretty rough and
tumble for me internally, and that has detracted from my
focus a bit. It's coming back though.

Other than that I am really getting frustrated and kind of
down about the imminent end of the Lo Fi Kids. Something
else will come along I am sure. I am really sad about it
though because I think that we have a lot of potential, but
I guess not all of our heads are going in the same
direction. I think that I have made some really permanent
friendships over the last several years, so I am
disappointed at the fleeting nature of the relationship I
have with Evan. Perhaps I was only tolerated while he had
interest in the band....I was hoping that wouldn't be the
case. It feels like I just stepped back about 7 years.
Maybe I am wrong about it all, I have been wrong a heck of
a lot before.

I hate endings.