worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-22 04:10:56 (UTC)


1) this worthless little painslut shall never use the words "i" "me" or "my" unless given permission to (such as when in mixed company).

2) this worthless little painslut shall respond to any derogatory name spoken to her, such as "whore" "bitch" "cunt" "pig" "slave" etc...

3) this worthless little painslut shall ask permission to do the following and will refrain from doing the following unless given permission: touch its pussy or tits, cum, use the bathroom, eat, sleep, sit, speak, shower, dress, read, use a computer, listen to music, watch TV, use the phone...

4) this worthless little painslut shall always do the following: save its urine in a jug, wear its collar, keep its pussy shaven, service its Master in every way

5) this fat ugly pig shall exercise vigorously everyday and beg to be paddled on its fat ass while jogging in place and beg to wear heavy weights from its tits while doing jumping jacks and beg to be constantly reminded of how fat and ugly it is

6) this bitch shall only bark when it wishes to be granted permission to speak

7) this naughty slut shall memorize positions and pose as such on command and beg to be severely punished if it forgets one

8) this worthless cunt shall service its Master and its Master's friends and any other people/objects/animals that its Master commands it to

9) this painslut shall beg to be tortured if it has ever gone several hours without being in pain

10) this worthless slave shall beg to be humiliated if it begins to forget its place, which is always cowering at its Master's feet or slithering across the floor

11) this lying whore shall confess its sins to its Master every night and beg to be punished for them

12) this filthy slut shall be honored to wear, drink, or bathe in any of its Master's fluids

13) this worthless dog shall always eat off the floor and remember that it is not worthy enough to eat at a table or with utensils

14) this ugly cunt shall consider it a privilege to sleep in a bed and will remember it deserves to sleep on the floor or chained to a tree outside

15) this fat fuck shall follow all orders without hesitation or thought no matter how unpleasant, painful, or degrading they may be

16) this disgusting painslut shall at all times attempt to find ways to make its current situation more painful or humiliating, especially when given tasks to perform while alone or not under the supervision of its Master

17) this slave shall thank its Master repeatedly for its Master's patience, punishments, generosity, time, food, drink, comforts and tolerance

18) this worthless whore shall spend its free time being thankful to its Master, thinking of painful and humiliating ways to serve its Master, and reminding itself what a lying worthless fat ugly dirty smelly bitch slut cunt pig whore it is

19) this little fuck shall kneel when in doubt

20) this worthless little painslut shall memorize these rules and recite them at least ten times a day, preferably while in humiliating and painful positions