Schmarmish Blaffle
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2001-10-22 04:09:47 (UTC)

Elf/Faery Somthing...

Current Mood: Bored.
Current Music: She's got a girlfriend now by Reel Big Fish.

So. It's Sunday. And I have not done a damn thing all
weekend. My Friday night was spent babysitting- the kids
were freakishly good. And a 5 year old has a crush on me.
Well, if I can never ever get a boyfriend my own age (as is
likley) When I'm old, desperate, and more pathetic than I
already am, I'll call him up.
Then there was synchro the next morning- my team is
EMBARASSING. Swimming with the lifeguards that are worried
about us in front of people that are going to kick our ass
into oblivion? And then there was Saturday night, in which
I watched 6 episodes of Cardcaptors and beta read. And then
went to bed at 12:30, which is even earlier than usual.
Then Sunday I dragged Day to the mall, and bought A "He-Who-
Must-Not-Be-Named t-shirt (I love it!) 3 rings, a Jr. Bean
Burrito and some Chocolate Chip cookie dough ice cream.
What fun.
And then I came home, and went on the computer, and drew a
picture of a elf/faery somthing, which I'm actually quite
fond of.
Then tommorow is me and Donia's little Monday afternoon
ritual, in which we sit around, eat all her food, and watch
(see: laugh at) 7th Heaven re-runs. And Bekah, Nat and Amy
might join us. Fun, fun.
My life is so pathetic, the average person would cry.