Joshin Jane

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2001-10-22 04:04:16 (UTC)


DoomSpatula23: masha my love. when you find yourself in the
thick of it, help yourself to a bit of what's all around
you. silly girl
MyNamesMasha: you're so funny and incomprehensible and
DoomSpatula23: avoiding english, watching the end of Dogma.
hey, do you believe has a plan? or rather, if you believe
in God, do you think S/He has a plan?
DoomSpatula23: ^God
MyNamesMasha: i don't know whether or not i believe in god
MyNamesMasha: i spent lengthy amounts of time trying to
figure out my stance on this issue
DoomSpatula23: oh I adore agnostics. here's what the future
holds just from the pure amount of people I know of these
dispositions: Agnostic ADD Bisexuals. it will be the most
indecisive generation ever, and I'm coming along for the
ride. what fun we'll have