The truth of my life
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2001-10-22 04:00:05 (UTC)

The start the begining the first

A'right this in the first. The beging of it all. And I dont
even know how I should really start. Shit! Man it's sun and
the football party is winding down. My love and I are
watching Aliais and smoking a bowl. Kickn' it with my
friend lisa. ( Now the mother fuckers fucking with me
because I'm writing this shit. Oh Mr. Motherfucker as he
putts it. What ever.)

Man I dont have to work tomorow so I finally get some time
to my self. I work at Burger King, the main opener. I have
to be there at 5:30 in the Morning. Shit thats early. But I
get free food in the morn so it's all good.

Right now I'm going to college too. But it's only one class
right now. At least I'm going this yr. Last yr. I droped
out because I meet my husband and just wanted to be with
him and only him all the time. So I got a bunch of F's.So I
have to take them over then all over again.

Dame I'm rambling, I think it's just the weed. Oh well
catch you on the flip side.