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2001-10-22 03:38:57 (UTC)

long time no write

well...its been like a week or something since i wrote.
my bad.
but ive been hella busy so ya know.

worked at the haunted hayride again this weekend tonight
and also back friday night.

Saturday night i went to timimim's for a bonfire.
it was kinda odd cuz Karl was there n' i havent seen him in
i thought i was all "over" him...
n actually im still pretty sure i am...but it made me walk
memory lane alil bit.

i met Andy Perfect too. haha that last name kicks ass.
He was kinda cool lookin too.

hmmm what else...
uhm i dont really have any "crushes" at the moment im just
tryin to get my head on straight and see what happens from

I got so messed up from the few guys i did care about that
i just dont know anymore.

alright well im off to bed
its proficency week!

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