Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-10-22 02:47:59 (UTC)

Okay, this is how it goes

i know that i havent been writting all that much, sorry,
gots lots to do. anyways heres whats been going downs, for
as far back as thurs.

Thurs. : Well, thurs night i went to open mic, got eye
raped, how rude is that, and by my boyfriends friend! grr,
but thats okay, i am over it, and its one of my friends
too, and, ha, get this, beth is going out with that long
nailed guy, jake, and already complaining about him, and
she dares bet me that her and jake was going to last longer
than darren and i, its hilareous, and practically a sure
thing, so i took the bet, the winner gets dinner,
compliments of the loser, which will be beth. he he

Fri. : This day I went to the mall, along with other
places, with Christina and Grace, and Christina, since she
forgot about my b-day, she took me to jack asters and
bought me supper and told them it was my b-day, so they
made me stand up while everyone sang happy b-day to me. it
was so embarassing, and its hard to make me feel that way!
and then, i found this gorgeous dress at lord and taylors,
but its alot of $, i really need a job. And me and
christina and grace are all going to the soph hop so we are
going to make our dresses together.

Sat. : Darren called me! YAY!!!!!!! I am so happy, he makes
me smile! And after he said he would call me the next day.
Then Emmy called me, and Emmy Kaiser (grrr!) and i all hung
out, and they told me about there relationships, not that i
care what they do, and i told them how happy i am with
darren, cause i am!

Sun. : Okay, darren didnt call me, but thats okay, i got to
sleep in, and i acctually ate food today, alot, so i am
good for a couple more weeks. then me and david hung out,
went to ems who had kaiser there, and then we ditched ems
house and the 3 of us went to davids, then david took me
home and here i am, ohh yeah, patty came over and we talked
a bit, and i am in the process of writting to darren, and
eating, shh, i know, i am going to get fat, but i do need
something to keep me alive for the next 2 weeks! well ta
for now.