The land of unknown
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2001-10-22 02:21:43 (UTC)

Entering The Gates of Hell

Mood: full of energy
Music: Spahn Ranch 'Test My Reaction'

well, today we finished our holloween shoping. sort of.
see, my mom and my sister get all these cutecy things
for holloween. but me and my brother(David) look for
the realistic skulls and fucked up rats and things. the
twisted stuff. we had already finished the cutecy
shoping, but today we were trying to get more of the
good stuff. unfortunetly, my mom was paying and she
didn't want to spend much. me and Dave could have
used our money, which he wanted to, but i was going to
get a cd with my money. not sure which one though.
there's the new Wumpscut cd, and i want to get Spahn
Ranch 'Beat Noir' or maybe get The Cruxshadows
'Mystery of the Whisper'. i'm not sure. then also Front
Line Assembly has a new cd. anywho, we got this cool
skull thingy at Spencers. there were other things we
could have gotten, but we didn't have much money. i
wanted to get this cool gargoyle pedistol thing at
Micheal's to put the skull on, but it alone was almost
30$. that was the limit my mom gave us. it wasn't much
to work with. next year i want to go over board. i want to
buy two grave head-stones at Spencers and a couple
realistic skeletons, then dig two graves in our back
yard(where me and David get to put all the twisted stuff
while the other crap goes out front) and stick the
skeletons in them and put the grave stones in place.
that'd be cool. a little expensive. the grave stones were
32$ each and the good quality skeletons were about
40$ each. but i want another pedistol to put a thing of
candy on it. so that would be another 30$. plus i want
this really cool mask i saw at Spencers, but i'm not sure
on the price. so roughly, 204$. for two 32$ grave
stones, two 40$ skeletons, two 30$ gargoyle pedistols,
and then probably another 40$ or so for the mask i
want. it'll be a little expensive. but well worth it. one
problem is the music. not that we don't have any good
holloween music, it's just, we've got too much of it. Rob
Zombie, White Zombie, Voltair, Switchblade Symphony,
most gothic bands. and many of the industrial bands
too. a small dilema.