ek_shaks' Diary
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2001-10-22 02:11:05 (UTC)

a Deterministic Approximation of myself

I think a lot. I can write a lot. lekin I make a lot of
behaanas. I wanted to write something. and insted of
openign up a notepad, i started searching for THE best
diary site. anyway, this mite not be the best. but i'm
tired os searching. I've been searching all thru my age of
20. and methinks i'm not good at anything else except that.
u tell me to search the web, search the citesser for a
paper, search for the best topic of research i'd liek to do
and i won't stop. i'll go on till the end of my life.
hey i dont like this thing. can somebody think like i do?
i'm a formal methods guy. i genreally tend to start off
with 1. this is me 2. this is how i think 3. this is what i
think 4. this is what u may think 5. this is why ur correct
6. this is why ur not correct.
but even so, i'm too non-deterministic. don't know myself.
don't know what i want. can't predict myself. and i believe
i can SEE right into the depth of things. most of them i've
met are confused and dont know. i think i'm ahead.i'm
confused and i know :-)
ok enuf of it! so what did i start out to say. something
about my research. ok this is goin to be really heavy. haha
i warn u!
no i waana be more formal..step-wise. start out with some
intro..backgrnd. it w'd help me if not someone else.