Electric monkey
2001-10-22 01:57:49 (UTC)

9-21-01 [insert title]

well, yep. im sitting here.. =| nothing really to do at the
moment. talking to graham. thats about it. i dont have any
homework so i dont have to do anything like that.

went to the park today, with everyone. david brought his 2
acoustic guitars, and we played them. and we had music and
yep. then graham and i were making a story bout an old man
that was walking around, slowly. we said he had a bag of
drugs.. he was carrying a sack of something. it was odd.
guess you would of had to have been there. although i only
stayed at the park for a couple hours, 3 hours actually. i
went home at 6, and graham had to go to some band thing.
but he didnt end up having to go there. yep.
i downloaded some weird program that you can make stained
glass designs on. yep, its kinda weird. but its kinda cool
cuase you can draw a design and fill it in with a color
that looks like real glass. woowee... all wispy and such...
my parents moved the furnature around in the living room
while i was gone today. so when i got back, it was all
moved around and weird. now they can see in my room from
where they sit. the door will be shut more often now.
yep... oh well
im listening to radiohead.
i almost ran over my cat today. it was scary. i pulled in
my drivway, and i didnt see her sitting there on the edge
and i was pulling in a she ran straight across infront of
my car. eek... i hit the break, and she got away safe.
thats always good... heh. er, yeah....
im reading the book, "flowers in the atic" for the
millionth time. its a good book, id recommend it, although
its kinda weird in some parts. and once you read that you
have to read the rest of the books in the little series.
still talking to graham, kinda... not much being said.
i better go i guess.
maybe play Donkey kong country, the best game ever.
probably not the best... but... i have a simple mind. night.