Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-10-22 00:56:39 (UTC)


Belladevotchka said:
"I am very afraid to die. I believe in Heaven and Hell, and
i am not quite sure which one i will go to...and you?"

bookworm_66 said:
"I'm not afraid of death in general. I hope I die in my
sleep, and not kicking and thrashing. I am, however, afraid
of dying young. I want to die when I'm like 80 years old,
if not older, but I don't want to die before I've lived my
life to the fullest."

I believe in an afterlife, but I kinda don't want to know
what it's going to be like until I get there - it will be a
surprise! I sorta want to go out with a bang. Just to be
remembered somehow. I don't really wanna grow old - the
grey hair and the whole nine yards. I always thought I
would die at the age 32... I don't know why, but I feel
fulfilled in my life so I don't NEED to live forever.
After death, I'm going to be at peace - not happy or sad,
just at peace. I think it would be an amazing feeling not
to have a body. I don't like pain, and if there is any
pain, I hope it to be quick. I don't want to die by
drowning or burning or suffocating. So... I'm not afraid
of death... I'm afraid of pain.

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