A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
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2001-10-21 23:52:59 (UTC)

Its been awhile...

Sorry to all you Kaci-reading-diary-obsessers out there.
I've been a little busy.

Last night was Homecoming. I went with Matt, Molly with
Dan, Christine with Bill and Shannon with Joe. It was a
very fun night. I looked fab, of course. lol. Except, later
I didnt feel so great. We all left the dance early to go
drink some long awaited J.D. It was good. Well, me and
christine kinda drank a little too much. After drinking, we
went to Charcoal Pit, where I puked a bunch and a bunch.
Then I went home and preceeded to puke. I even puked bile.
ugh. I so wanted to kick myself in the ass.

Today I felt better. All my friends called me, it was nice
to know they cared so much.

Dan and Joe stopped by to give me a little "gift." Ah,
those guys, so thoughtful. Dan even let me drive his mom's
nice, new SUV. Suprising. We hung out at my playground for
a while. And Joe, hes a really cool guy. Good looking too.
I know what you are thinking, "but, kaci, you go out with
matt." This is true. I dont know, I havent really had
feelings for anyone since I've been with Matt but..I dont
know. Maybe its a sign, maybe its not. Things between me
and matt are confusing. Its becoming tougher each day to
keep a relationship. Sometimes I just wanna give up. But
then, I also wanna wait it out. Teusday is 3 months. The 3
months where you start to decide, "do I wanna stay with
this person, or not?" Its a rough time. All I know is that
I found myself flirting with Joe. And I knew what I was
doing, I knew.

Me and Christine also went to Micks house tonight to see
his parents. I love his parents. They are just good, good
people. I just love 'em. They were up at Syracuse this
weekend and Mick bought my birthday present and thye
brought it down with them. I love Mick. I miss Mick. He
was/is such a good friend. He got me the best gift ever! A
me borrow his Yahtzee electronic game. Cant wait till
Summer. Heck, I cant wait till Feb. I CAN DRIVE. I know
I've mentioned this like 10 times but, hey, I can be

Its almost 8:00pm. I should do work and get my "beauty
rest"(ya right) cause tomorrow is my birthday! 16! lol.
This has been the best year so far.

Off to do English HW.

"Realize that some days you are the pigeon and some days
you are the statue." - Dilbert.

Great quote. Great quote.

Later kiddos