even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-10-21 23:36:51 (UTC)

boys that wear nikes....

so im at kellys, i don;t rmeber if ive written today, all
the days are running together now.... so we were jyt down
stairs talking, and everyone was like, so... katy, did you
get some loviong from jeff? and i wa lsike, no.. and they
were all, well, you were int eh champagne room togthert...
and its like, ok, gripe, you know... so... always it seems
i get "paired" up with the fugly guys, not fugly, but just
like, guys that owould never go for, and that i wouldneer
think about you know.... so hre my thing with
introversion... peopel that iare introverted, i ahet
them... ireally don;t like introverted eople, cause they
are weird and they do weird things, not to say i don;t
like, talk to a few, cause i do, but, its like, ick, i
don;t even know, why am i writing this, my friends are down
stairs.... i dont;l need ot be sitting here at my friend
computer bicthing about hings that are really irrelevant,
cause its like, boo fucking hoo... god.. i hate me
sometimes.... we're having a barbeque, only, i think we
isn;t all of us, we'll see who shows up.. i really hope
this hwole thing blows over soon, cause its so elementary
and it kind of makes me ill... and im tired, and dinners
not close to being done, and i was starting to do my
homework while i was at home and i havesome to do still,
and its liek, i oculd be at home oding homeowr... welll..
whatevr, im gonna go...