The Boy Looked At Johnny
2001-10-21 23:19:14 (UTC)

October 21, 2001. Early evening.

Last night went up with Jackie, Johnny and Allison to
Johnny's parent's cabin in the woods. Fine evening, no
surprises, no fireworks. I had five beers and got drunk
pretty quick, which followed the usual pattern:

- antics.
- zanier antics.
- sudden onset of depression.
- confused, difficult-to-comprehend muttering.
- laughing.
- sleep.

We listened to the Strokes record, which I am starting to
get a wee bit burned out on...I've listened to it everyday,
after all. I've since pulled it from heavy rotation. It's
an excellent record, but awfully insubstantial.

Later after work today, I met Katie at Taco Bell for
dinner. We discussed girls I am going to try to meet: Katie
suggests two she sees around at Bellarmine (she has dubbed
them "Geek Grrl #1" and "Geek Grrl #2"), I am set on a girl
working at Carmichael's bookstore.