Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-21 23:14:03 (UTC)

Finally happy and they are trying to take it away !

Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here ! I feel like 2 certain people are
trying to ruin my life now ! OK I am not going to mention
their names but when I was with Chris the other night one
of them lets call this person BLACK, was saying " hey
marissa don't you think quinn is hot ? " " Hey marissa
isn't that guy look super hot and strong ?! " and Chris was
right there ! I was thinking to myself ' what the fuck is
BLACK doing ?! Is BLACK trying to ruin what I have with
chris ?' !!! Then the other person lets call them Klutz is
so upset with me and calling me a ' bitch in a perfect girl
costume ' OUCH ! harsh ! Its like I am finally happy and
these two are trying to take it away from me ! Well you
know what you two its NOT YOUR FUCKIN LIFE !!!!!! ITS MINE
so either keep your opinions to yourself or get the hell
out of my life ! I don't need this shit from you two ! You
two are pretty good friends with me and I would think that
atleast BLACK would understand ! Insted BLACK is totally
acting weird ! GRRRR ! I wish these two people would lay
off of me a little bit ! Forgive me for being happy !!
Forgive me for saying yes to chris ! But please don't ruin
my relationship with him ! I feel so much better!
Gotta bounce !