my lil secrets
2001-03-12 01:25:08 (UTC)

dear diary, iv been out an..

dear diary, iv been out an about all weekend an it was fun
but mostly i was ignoring the task at hand. i know i hav to
do sumfin but i dont know what. i spent all saterday with
B. he was so sweet an i could see us having a future. it
was so much fun we went to the movies an out to dinner then
we hung out at my house for a while he is so nice we talked
for a long time but i didnt bring up R i no i havta tell
em. im still so confused, i luv R but it is way to hard an
i am really starten to get in with B. and what am i going
to say to R. i wish the ansrs were jus rite in my face.
they prolly r but i am to stupid to notice. i saw sum ppl i
didnt see in a while so that was kewl an i told my friend D
how much i appreciat her friendship. moms been gone since
friday-think she is coming home tonight.... i ges i dont
hav anything else of interest to rite if sumfin happens
thought ill b bak