me and my life which is boring
2001-10-21 23:00:30 (UTC)

ummmm hi

Hiya, it's me again and like ummmm yeah i''m just bored. i
havnt been here in a while so like i felt like comeing.
well ummm omg i went shopping 2day wit my mom, i know but
she like pays 4 everything 4 me. well i got a bunch of
sweeters there taht r cool and some other stuff. well um
yeah ummmm scool is good i guess. we had our 1st ss teest
like 2 weeks ago omg it was so hard i got a 76 but that is
pretty good comsidering that most ppl failed it.i'm like
speeling like evrything wrong in this thing but thats ok. &
now i'm hyper. damn soda. moveing on....ummmmmm o yeah
yesterday i was instaling something on da computer 4 my
sister shes like clueless about computers and i'm like
absesed.anywho i was doing taht and my sister comes in and
goes "so wait what did u say runs this thing again wasnt it
like the father bored or something?" i was laughing so hard
my face was turning like purple. omg i was like laughing 4
like an hour and then as soon i was about 2 stop she would
come in again and would be like "whats so funny!" n i would
atart cracking up again and the really funny part is that
shes takein like 4 years of computer class n i've had like
none, well kinda i had like a class ware u have 2 make this
dumb worksheet thing or whatever on a program that ppl
stoped useing like 10 years ago. but thats ok that teacher
retaired and now we have a new one 2 torment. o well its my
last year in that damn school so now i can go 2 high school
n go through hell all over again! i think i'm ganna go walk
my bumble bee so bye babes!
btw talk 2 me on AOL my sn is stareknight67 bye bye!