lack of iron and/or sleeping
2001-10-21 22:58:56 (UTC)


pregnant women = supah horny. no one has ever said
they "could just ravage me right now" before today. it

i did my psychology homework last night and it DIDN'T have
to be in today. DAMN ME.
i had a panic attack at college today. which was nice.
a girl had some kind of fit on the bus today. which was

my "rockstar boyfriend" is BRIAN MOLKO. that is so wrong.
and disturbing.

hmm. today sucked. i went to college then came home cuz i
felt like shit.

it was then i discovered dahling emy had made a doctors
appointment for me, for this evening. so i went, and the
retard doctor asked me "how i feel" and i said i feel "sad"
and she started gabbing on about "manic depression", "bi-
polar disorder" [i have ALWAYS wanted to be bi-polar] and
if i have "suicidal thoughts" [doesn't everyone?].
so she made me a prescription for some prozac or some crap
from the "prozac happy pills family".
but what IS the point? what's the point in relying on
unnatural "medicines" to make you feel "happy"? what is the
point on being alive if you HAVE to rely on
unnatural "medicines" to make you feel "happy"? none what-
so-ever. you might as well curl up and die. fake happiness
is better than feeling...depressed, but then people have to
spoil it all, and they take the "happy pills" away, and you
feel even worse than before.