Joshin Jane

2001-10-21 22:54:41 (UTC)

august 29th

i'm sitting on the train between two fat men.
one has clean fingernails and a wedding ring, and really,
he's not so fat.
i watch him for a few moments as he starts to doze off with
the lull of the train.
with my x-ray vision i can see his family, carefully tucked
away in his briefcase.
they're sitting around the dinner table, wife and three
kids, cutting dad's paycheck into neat little paper slips
and distributing them to their respective marked boxes -
food, clothing, mortgage, life insurance, car maintenance,
selfless donation.
the other man isn't dozing, he is in a deep, sleep-
enveloped trance. his belly erupts with the booming snore
of what i deduce to be his ritual morning slumber.

if i only rode those trains more often....