lack of iron and/or sleeping
2001-10-21 22:53:51 (UTC)


i keep having weird dreams about twiggy ramirez. i hold his hand, and
he cries. and then i start writing him a letter but i can't read my
writing because it's all ... blue & loopy & squiggly. then it
switches to twiggy crying again. and then i wake up.

violet is one today and she got LOADS of stuff...like
*money* ::sniffs:: [what kind of people give babies money...?] and
stupid frilly pink dresses. and toys. and a tardy hair band that has
rabbit ears on it.
she also has no hair because her mum decided to cut it. but it "went
wrong". and now she's all...bald. ::sad face:: it makes her look cute-
R than "before" though.

last night i asked my girlfriend to marry me and she said
yes... ... ... i is happy. i feel like my life is starting to..."go
somewhere", finally. but i'm still scared everything is going to go

health risks linked to drug abuse:

poor nutrition
high blood pressure
rapid heart beat
low weight gain
low self esteem
preterm labor
early delivery

low birth weight
small head size
sudden infant death syndrome
birth defects
stunted growth
poor motor skills
learning disabilities
neurological problems

drugs are bad, kiddies.

college was good. up until this afternoon, when i had a ginormous
argument with my "fiancee". just because i am male doesn't mean i
don't have feelings. just because i cannot have babies doesn't mean i
don't care about my child / children.
just because i am 19 [a "little boy" in some peoples eyes...] doesn't
mean i am completely clueless about everything

"let's get it together people. ok? OKAY!!!! i am the moma here, and i
will show my fury to those who wish to talk about my peeps. that will
be all for now you sexy bastard."

my girlfriend is scary.

bus drivers have to be the most retarded pieces of shit EVER.

fact: bus drivers are fucking tools.
fact: the bus does not stop at barton hill.
fact: bus drivers are dumb shits.

if you happen to be a bus driver, i suggest you read a fucking map.
and stop being so fucking thick. some people aren't clever enough to
drive busses. bus drivers would probably be too fucking stupid to
work in fucking mcdonalds.