Expressions Of Myself
2001-10-21 22:36:05 (UTC)

New York

Got back on Wednesday morning from our New York vacation.
We went to my sisters wedding. It was so beautiful. She was
so beautiful....of course, I cried like a baby though I
promised myself that wouldn't happen!
Getting to spend time with Sean was very nice. I had a
really great time with him. He got a bit tipsy as did Annie
and Mike...they were having a blast. Chris, Dan and the
girls all looked awesome. I can't wait to see the pictures
of them all.
Jen and Dave are in Hawaii right now on their honeymoon...I
hope they have fun.
We drove the trip home through the Apalachian Mountains and
it was so beautiful....the leaves were a million different
colors....awesome. I got some of it on video so we'll be
able to remember some of it. Jennifer ordered me a parents
album and a video of the wedding, so watching that should
be nice...hope it doesn't take too long to get here...I
wanna see it now!
Well, the kids don't seem to want to let me relax so I will
have to write more next time.