The Bass Player

Ravings of a Madman
2001-10-21 22:29:10 (UTC)


It's been about a week since I last updated this thing.
Let's recap what's happened:

Ok, so nothing exciting has happened, but last night Dan,
Chad, Kyle, Sam, Melissa, and I all went to Frontier City,
some crappy amusement park here, and rode around for a
while. It was pretty fun. Melissa almost lost her keys on
the tilt-o-whirl or whatever. We got them back after
looking for about 15 minutes, so the day was saved by Nick,
the ride operator. Some girls that looked about 15 or so
were flirting with him hard; it was disgusting. Last
Tuesday, Jacque had a choir concert and I went to that for
some support. They did a really good job, and it was my
first time to hear "Send In The Clowns." I thought it
would be an upbeat, happy song, but it wasn't. Oh well.

Last night Dan was getting defensive about the jokes we
made at Melissa, so SOMEBODY has a crush on her now. She
gave me her Taco Bell hat, which is where she works, and
Dan got mad because he took her to prom and he got
nothing. It's quite funny. She drives like a lunatic, but
I'm not sure if she does it all the time, only at night,
just around friends, just around me, or any combination of
the said situations. It was good seeing Sam again after
all this time. He really hates it in Kearney (pronounced
carnie) and he wishes he could stay. was so obvious how much Dan was trying to get
Melissa to like him. When we got on the rides it was clear
he wanted to sit with her, but since we were all taking
separate seats he didn't want to look suspicious, I'm
sure. He opened the door for her and when Chad brought it
to everyone's attention, he said he was just "being a
gentleman" to which Sam replied "You're never a gentleman
to any other girls." Haha. Gotta love that Sam. I told
her I was hungry so she took me throught the Taco Bell
drive through and dropped me off at Kyle's (which is where
my car was stationed) and I asked if she liked Dan that
way. That's a big negatory, Captain. We almost hit an
armadillo on the way to Kyle's...I say almost because I
didn't feel any bumps. I dropped by Taco Bell today to see
Melissa like I promised I would, but we didn't talk much
because after I got my drink, she was in the back sweeping.

All in all, it was a pretty fun night. Sorry if my
thoughts are all over the place, it's just how I remembered
last night. I'm starting to get hungry, so I'm gonna go.