A Hippie's Thoughts......
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2001-10-21 22:09:29 (UTC)


10-21-01..i think?

Mandy knowz what im talkin about when I say "Star"..Lol
newayz I had fun this weekend. I went 2 church w/Mandy
this morning and she almost dropped the hymnal..it was
hilarious~Im going 2 her church again next week b/c im
spending the night w/her after scarowinds. Newayz after
church we went 2 the KCC and ate lunch then we went 2 her
house and changed and then we went and played tennis 4 a
long time. then we took her home and now im home..and im
SUPPOSED 2 be cleaning up my room..but i just dont feel
like it!!!! I dont wanna go 2 school 2morrow..ughhh! I hate
school. gah this girl is really starting 2 bug me..cuz shez
telling everybody something i dont want them 2 know..ugggh
i hate ppl like that. well i think im going~

1 Timothy 4:12

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