2001-10-21 22:03:32 (UTC)


So, today was almost hell. First I actually do wake up on
time for work ~ SURPRISE SURPRISE, and I excitedly turn on
my cell thinking/hoping to find a message from Mike...or
not. So, that kinda put my day off on the wrong foot, then
I am late for work. The day goes by so slow and I have a
really bad work station and then it is so dead, Karen lets
Brian, Amanda, and Tonette go home. I am supposed to leave
after Tonette then Lynn, then Chelsea, then Loria. Well, I
am taking tables left and right and it's 2:30 and Karen
says to me, "I am going to put you back on the floor" but I
never knew I was off. So it wasn't a big deal until a lot
of tables started coming in. So here I am with a crapload
of tables and it's 3 and closing time. Well Becky thought
she locked the door and she really didn't. Now that just
sucks. Well I get the table that comes in after we close.
AHHH....annoyed much. When I finally get out it's about
4:15 and I should've/could've been gone way before that.
AND I only made $94. So I call Mike hoping to let off the
steam from the day. And he's out galavanting with Kelly,
which really annoys me because I need to talk to him, but I
cannot and will not while he is with Kelly. So he's all
like I'll call you later, but later is not good. By then I
will probably be asleep. So his late and my late are two
very different things. I just don't know. Then I am ALL
stressed about the wedding and I have a test on Wednesday
and I have way to much going on :(. More later....