Another 24
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2001-10-21 20:19:10 (UTC)

Recovering from one HELLUVA Saturday NIght

Can I just scream "OOOOOH MYYYYY GODDDDD!!!!". Thank you!

Ok, I'll start at the beginning.

Last night we went out from work to the city, to go to some
bars and go clubbing.
About 12 of us went... first time that many of us have
bothered turning up.
ANYWAY. There were only us three women there, and the guys
treated us like angels the whole time. We didn't buy any
drinks, they paid for everything.

It was getting late, and Geena was flirting with every guy
in the place, Kaz was off somewhere with Steve the guy from
Accounts. So that left me with all the rest of the guys. I
danced for ages then sat down by Lewis because my feet were
really hurting (last time I wear new shoes anywhere!).
We got to talking and yeah it's not difficult to notice
that the guy looks like R Kelly... when erring on the side
of inebriation he looks even more gorgeous :P
Turned out we were both into the same kind of things, and
we wound up spending about an hour just talking about work,
life, and things in general.
Everyone else came back and Geena wanted me to dance with
her, so I did... next thing I know Lewis is dancing up
behind me. Geena's face was a picture... she really didn't
like it one bit.

Five came back to my place around 3am and we drank and
watched MTV for a while... we were all wasted.
Geena and the guys were all set to crash out in the
lounge. I stood up to go to bed and oh my god it must have
been the drink because I took Lewis's hand and he left with
And OOOOHHH Myyy ggoDDDDDDD.... I have NEVER EVER not in my
lifetime had sex THAT good before!

I woke up at about 9am, and Lewis was still passed out
beside me, completely naked... and he is one beautiful male
Took a shower, went back into my bedroom to change, and he
woke up. Things got hot again and he made me cum three
times in a row. Never had that before! He knows how to play
the game!

We chilled for a bit, went to the lounge and Geena was
watching Kid's TV. If looks could kill I would have been 6
feet under.

Called her tonight and she wasn't as pissy. She said it
was a shock though... Quiet Kalie actually getting laid for
a change instead of Geena being the one.
I like this reversal of roles :)

As for Lewis, he's asleep in MY bed as I type this :)

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