aris' thoughts
2001-10-21 20:16:45 (UTC)

hard days to come

yesterday Mistress told me that some rough days are coming
following Her surgery. that it may take 3 to 4 months to
regain Her strength. well, i thought about it alot
overnight and today and i understand things may get hard
but i am Her slave and that is that. like marraige, in
sickness and in health. there is nothing that could ever
make me not remember who i belong to or even make me become
undisciplined, Mistress taught me better than that and i
will not fail Her in any way.

the kids are fine, bob is still a jerk, my mom took the
kids for me today after church shes had them all day and i
had thought we would spend some alone time together, i mean
after all we still have not had even an hour together for
our anniversary. well he again shot me down and invited the
boys over to watch football and nascar so who suffers
again? me as always....oh well, guess this is my life.

Sir HJ and sis, i dont comment much on Sir and sissy for i
feel its none of my business but today i cant help it. i
guess sis didnt do her entry for last 5 days and well, i
know how she feels with Him not showing up and all but i
cant help but think this was just a display of an
undisciplined sub. i thought she was better than this. and
Sir, well, i have not spoken to Him alot but been more
observing Him when He does come. i find Him to be weak
actually and afraid of letting go, i feel He really dont
wish for sis any longer but dont have the strength to say
so. maybe i am wrong, i have been wrong about things before.

i am on my way into chat to see if my Mistress is there,
hoping She ps looking foward to
shaving .grins