*My Diary, Read it and Weep*
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2001-10-21 20:12:00 (UTC)

Im Forgetting about it......

Forgetting, thats what I have decided to do! I'm quite sick
of hoping and praying that MAYBE I'll have a relatioship
with this "Mystery Man" to all of you....if he wants me,
he'll come to me! Im not gonna sit like a doll on a shelf
and wait for him, Im sorry but I just wont do it. I think I
have a new love interest lol....Jon Bon Jovi..MMM yummy!! I
was watching SNL, and BonJovi was on it singin, WOO WOO Jon
is So0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o hott!! How come I was oblivious to
this before? Uh my mistake! lol, but yea I think ima wait
this one out, just see where it goes, while doing my OWN
thing of course....not sitting around moping (and i have to
give SOME of the credit for this decision to Rissa & Shelby my girls
and Justin..u sexy bitches!) lol....well im out I got pizza
on the way...thank god for Dominoz :) Peace out homies~Mandy

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