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Emo Violence
2001-10-21 20:07:50 (UTC)

so how about...

so how about i blacked out today. yeah this morning, i was
in church, i went for my momm, i hadnt been since easter
but i knew she wanted me to go and it would mean a lot to
her, so i did. i was standing in the back sorta in awe and
furiosity and i get all dizzy and shit and sorta fall/lean
over on my mom adn she guides me out. all i remember was
opening my eyes and not being able to see. it was pretty
scary and embarassing. i ascribed the whole situation to
not eating properly for the past few weeks and just being
utterly repulsed by orgnaized religion. so yeah whatever.
i dont think it was moms fault but i think she thought it
was. im all thinking "im slowly dying from malnutrition"
and all i could think about was the oct 26th show and the
flyers i should get out. weird.

anyway i wrote almost all of my essay for health, its 6
pages so far, but the rest is easy. i guess. gtg...