inside my mind
2000-11-12 02:03:43 (UTC)

11/11/00 wow. today i went to..

wow. today i went to New York with my mom, dad, sister, and I. We
visited Tisch school of arts (NYU) was open house today. It was
really fun. and after we went there we went shopping i got a cool NYU
2000 t-shirt, a Kate Spade wallet(its a fake, hehe) i got it for $10
but they would really cost like $250...but not when you get the fake
ones...heehee. When we were walking down the street this group of
people stopped us and this guy was like, hey, this is my friend and
he really likes girls with green eyes, do you want to have a bagel
with us? katie was like no, sorry, but she said if mom and dad
weren't there and just me and her she would have said would
i. there was this outside shops area and in ti was this head shop and
they were sellnig bowls, and bongs and shit like that and i wanted
one soooo fucking bad cause i sold mine to justin but i wasn't gonna
spend a lot of money i only had like $60 bucks on me. I wanted to
stay longer but my moms back wasn't doing too well. ok im gonna go
now. ~E