good times, good times
2001-10-21 19:50:14 (UTC)

oh yeah, and i cut my hair. waaa!! now my "sexy" hair is gone and i just have "cute" hair. sniff sniff

last night john and i went to a punk concert at the trade
winds motel. it was so cool! Fontane was there, and i met
clint the lead singer. John knows all those guys cuz he
used to be in a punk band until one of the guys moved to
nashville to go to college. he hasnt' got a band right now
though because wf sucks, and there is like zero music scene
around here and he can't find enough guys who want the same
kind of thing he does. he sings plays the electric acoustic
and bass guitars usually. he is so cool!
back to last night, runner up, meager portions, new found
glory, and phase 27 (or 29 or some # like that :)) runner
up and meager portions were really good. i got the runner
up cd, but meager portions doesn't record for a couple more
weeks so i didn't get htat one. we had a lot of fun.

amanda's marching contest was yesterday and john went with
me to see that even though he felt like a total geek. in
little towns like where i'm from band isn't nessicarily the
cool thing to do, but it's not nerdy either. it's just
kinda normal like track or anything else. but john's from a
much bigger school, and i think they had the whole
stereotype thing going pretty bad, so he always calls me
and amanda band nerds. when he went to the contest he was
like whoa! i didn't know band actually got this much
support! haha. i was so sad though because they got a two
instead of a one, and i thought they were awesome. i was
pretty pissed. after the contest mom took me and john and
my sisters out to eat, and much to my dismay she took jd
too. i totally do not approve of this relationship. he's a
gross old man with a nasty std ridden daughter and a
completely annoying pervert son, not to mention he cheated
on his wife which is why she's his ex now, and why he's
single. i kinda blew it off at first cuz i figured oh it
cant be any big thing until after lunch when we went to see
corky ramono, nad there were some tech. difficulties and
the movie went off for a little bit and john said he saw jd
and my mom kiss. gag! im so disappointed with my mom. it's
not that i have issues with her dating. i want her to date,
and i'm happy that she's going on with life even after dad,
but honestly! she could do so much better.
to make matters that were already bad worse, i see my
sister walk down the isle to go talk to somebody during the
t.d. part of the movie and i turned around to see who it
was and to my disgust it was jaci, the little skank who
lipsticked my car merely because her boyfriend liked me.
not because i liked him, not becuase he cheated with me and
totaly disregarding the fact that i had a boyfriend and was
totaly uninterested in hers. just because He like me! she
wrote the most aweful stuff on it and there's my traitor
little sister stuck up her butt! i was so pissed! if
somebody did that to her i would go slash thier tires, but
not amanda, she's attatched to jaci by the pubic hair. at
least john and i went to the concert after that. it made me
feel a lot better.

this morning after church john's family took me to eat
lunch and after that john had to work on a computer program
for school, so i went home. since it's such a nice day i
went and ran. i am so out of shape! i only ran two miles
and it kicked my butt. i haven't ran in a while cuz i've
been so sick. time to get back into the groove though. i
bet i will be soo sore tomorow!