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2001-10-21 19:20:32 (UTC)


**tired of bullshit**
what did i ever do to anyone to make them hate me like
this? that girl over there is depressed too, cant you see?
yea-that girl over there is a bad person too, why cant you
believe me? but no, in your ignorant hipocritical world,
you only believe one thing: i am the corrupter, the evil
one. and thats all you'll ever believe. i'll never be good
enough for you or your children. never be sweet enough to
take care of those little things. never be wanted by you or
anyone else, because i am the one you hate. i'll never be
able to meet your high standards. no matter how hard i try,
i will be a failure.

what if things are all a lie? what if everything you say is
really just a trick? maybe people love me, but i really
dont think its could it be? im just a bitch.
everyone knows its true.
killing the planet killing the world killing the future as
death unfolds
you'll never stop thinking about it, you never act that way
with me. obsession is all you can see. everyone is so much
better, im not good enough for anyone. i need to stop
chasing after everything i want- im never good enough to
have it. after i find out that all this is real-after i
figure out how to believe...maybe, just maybe...i can learn
how to cope with the pain that comes with the words. maybe
you dont really care. maybe it will just take some time,
maybe i'll die, maybe there is no future...but then again,
it could all be happy someday. it could all work out. there
could be a wonderful future ahead...i hope this is how it
this is the end of everything-you are the end of everything

**slipknot mood** grr...