a little piece of me
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2001-10-21 19:10:44 (UTC)

ho hum

not much going on today right now. i've been cleaning my
house (i am the messiest person i know..hehe). two rooms
down, two to go. good thing i live in this dinky little
house. have to clean up because my mom is coming for a
visit tomorrow. it's my birthday (ugh), so she wanted to
come over. we're not real close, but she's taking me out
to my favorite restaurant (diamond dave's...the chicken
fajita sandwhich is orgasmic), so i can't complain.

she's also bringing my birthday present, which is a pearl
cockatiel. i already have a couple of lovebirds, but
they're busy with each other most of the time. the
cockatiel was hand raised, and my mom said he's really
friendly. he's been riding around on her shoulder for the
past couple of days. i can't wait to get him. i have no
clue what to name him. my other birds have some crazy
names, so i think this one should too. michael (that's the
guy i'm absolutely madly in love with) says i should name
him malkav. i kinda like it. i don't remember where he
came up with that. i think he heard it somewhere. i want
to meet the bird first, and then figure out a name. it has
to suit him, you know?

yuck! my house is being infested with lady bugs. they
smell so bad. i hate those damn things. i've tried
gathering them up, then taking them outside, but the number
in here doesn't seem to diminish at all. then, i started
swatting them, but the silly things don't die! i even
tried spraying them with raid, but that didn't do
anything. didn't even slow them down. they're
indestructable, i swear! for some reason, that reminds me
of the x files episode where mulder discovers that
cockroaches are really little machines sent by aliens to
gather information. yeah, i watch the x files. i love sci
fi, and horror, and fantasy, and all that stuff.

anyway, i need to get back to cleaining. i have to go
paint today (probably won't), and study for a quiz today
sometime too. thank god this is my last year of school.
this has been the most stressful semester ever. if not for
painting, i think i would have had a nervous breakdown a
few weeks ago! i don't ever want to go over and paint, but
once i finally make my sorry ass go do it, i stay for hours
and hours. oh shit! forgot to get stretchers and canvas
for a new paiting. oops. sigh...i'll be getting up bright
and early tomorrow.

ok, back to cleaning i go...


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