Innocent Girl, Interrupted
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2001-10-21 19:10:14 (UTC)

Tuesday - 10.15.01 // Sunday - 10.21.01

Wow... it's been a LONG week. Most of my time was spent w/
Jared, of course. I'm trying to go back and remember what
has happend during the week, so please forgive the fact
that this entry isnt in order.

I spent Friday & Saturday night w/ Jared. Friday, he worked
until 7:30, and came over afterwards and we finished The
Shinning, which we had started on Thursday night. After The
Shinning, we hung out here until around 9:30, then went to
pick up his little brother from the skating rink. Then, we
dropped the kid off at home, and went to our little field
where we like to just look at the stars and hold each
other. It's an awesome place. No one can see us back there.
We drive up over this hill and just park in the back. it's
quiet and so pretty out there. No lights, just stars. We
stayed there for a while, and got me home at 11:30.

Saturday, we went to see Shrek at the local theatre. That
was from 3 to 4:30. Then we went to the mall. We had to
take his little brother w/ us, so once we got back into
town, we dropped him off at the skating rink after trying
forever to convince the kid he'd have more fun there. I had
to be home at 8 b/c mom and dad were going out, and I
needed to babysit the bratty sibling. So we had a few hours
to ourselves. We went to the park and drove off into the
model airplane field so we could be alone and hold each
other... as always. We're all about the cuddling.

Forest basically ignored me the rest of the week, which was
great. Jared and me just kept flaunting ourselves. If
Forest wasnt such a backstabbing, 2faced loser, we wouldnt
have to do such a thing... but he's all like, trying to
balme all this crap on me when he was the one who broke up
w/ me. He expects me to sit at home alone and wait for him,
which I refuse to do. I dont know if he actually did take
Angela on a date this weekend, but if he says something
about it to me, I'll throw in his face how much time Jared
and me spent this weekend. He's trying to make me jealous
when really, I'm not the jealous type. I dont give a fork
who he dates. He doesnt even like her... isnt that pathetic?

Everyone in the school is staring at Jared and me as if
they've never seen a guy and gurl be friends before. It's
so retarded how they target US of all people. We're not
popular or anything, yet we're VERY well know all of a
sudden. Everyone stares at us when we go down the hall, so
now we give them something to stare at. We'll hold hands
and skip down the hall, or lock arms and act like we're
escorting each other to some big dinner or something. And
people just STARE! It's hilarious! It's gotten to the point
where we're like "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" and
they look away, lol. I know Forest is saying crap about us
and that's why everyone is staring, so why not give them
something to stare at? =)

Church this morning was awesome. The service was just
great, as always. Forest wasnt there. He hasnt been there
in like, 3 weeks. To me, that's fine, b/c he's the biggest
liar ever. He's all like "Yea, I'm a big Christian," then
gets into lunch at school and it like, "Yea man! &^#$ you!
&^#$! *!)%! &#@$!" It's so retarded. No one likes him
anymore. That song "Counterfeit" by Limp Bizkit... I swear,
Fred Durst wrote it about Forest. He's a fake, a loser,
we're all sick of him, we all figured him out... it's sad.
AND he's in TAC (Teens About Christ), which is a club at my
school that I'm a Co-Leader of. I mean, how dare he come in
there calling himself a Christian? I understand if he's
having a hard time w/ his faith or w/e, but he is the
BIGGEST hypocrit ever. It makes my stomach cringe.

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