What's up now?
2001-10-21 19:01:56 (UTC)

what a weekend :)

That was sooo fun :) Brian was here for the night and of
course it was really nice :) We spent some time visiting
too many people for him to remember, and then spent some
time together. I had to work 3-5am, but him being the
awesome person that he is, he got up and came with me :)
It was sooo sweet! We played a fierce game of monopoly..of
couse I won(even though we never finished the game)...but I
can think I did, right? hehehe :) Then we came back here,
hung out a little, then crashed. I love when we get to
hang out so much!! Hopefully it wont be too long before I
see him again! Tonight's the big OTF bonfire! I'm
excited! It should be really cool! Then we are going to
have some good girl time, erin is coming over :) WOOO!!!
I missed her all weekend, and I know she had a rough
weekend so I cant wait for her to be back! Its rough that
all of my friends are breaking up....I'm the outcast
now...I love you girls!!! It sucks how it's always the bad
things that bring some people soo much closer together :)
and even though there have been a lot of bad things lately,
I'm glad it's made the girls sooo close...minus one
though...what happened to the 4-some we had?? We lost one
and we miss her.....hopefully she'll be back soon....