buffalo girl

phsycho's life
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2001-10-21 18:07:53 (UTC)

lotz of fun

yeah, that's my day. see, i was supposed to go to chelle's
house today cuz my parents went to the football game. well,
plans changed as they always seem to do at my house. i'm now
at home watching my brothers. they're sick and have been
throwing up for a couple days now. they haven't for a long
time tho. that's good cuz otherwise i'd hafta clean it up.
that would be gross. we've been watching movies all day so
it's fun. we arent't going to our 4-H meeting this
afternoon. that sux cuz it would be fun. they're carving
pumpkins and making scarecrows. oh well, i get to hang out
here instead. i think i'm gonna go do my homework now. that
will be fun. (NOT!!!!!)

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