darker persuasion of the rainbow
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2001-10-21 17:49:18 (UTC)

coloring outside the lines

everyone's so fucking shallow nowadays. i'm forced to fit
into a mold that's not my own, comply with rules that i
don't believe in. no one cares what we think, only what we look
like. exterior rules over interior. our skin makes up our
we're not allowed to color outside the lines. not allowed
to be different. we have to look and act like the other six
billion people on the face of this earth. i'm fucking sick
of it. i don't want to have anything to do with anyone who
wears skater clothes, and punk clothes, and all of that other shit.
people expect me to look good for them, rather than
myself. if they can't deal with the fact that i won't be
caught dead in those clothes, they can go happily fuck