Absolute Mayhem
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2001-10-21 17:10:13 (UTC)

haha. attention all!

wow. long time no write = lots to tell. lol. well where
to start...maybe back track tolast weekn...(the 11 and 12
or whatever) anyway, tuesday, the last day of our four day
weekend, i started thinking about adam and i. i realized
that it was just getting weird. like i couldnt have as much
fun or tell him everything like i could when we were good
ol chumps. i guess he was thiking the same thing. anyway,
that saturday..the 13th i think..i was talking to im online
and i told him to call me. we talked for like half an hour
laughing and joking and then we both got serious. he
brouight up what we had together and what we were. and i
started saying stuff and well..not sure how we got there,
but we eneed up deciding to going back to friends. i still
like him a bit, but i think its more of a love for a
friend, not as a boyfriend. anywho, i hope our little test
drive for 2 weeks didnt completely fuck up our frienship. i
went to the varsity soccer game last nite. that was pretty
good. we won 1-0 against dunlap. i called a friend/ex of
mkine, michael scibona and told him he should come to the
game and to bring some cuties. lol. he showed up and low
and behld..i was blessed with a couiple cutiez and one HOTT
ASS HOTTIE!! OW OW!! lol. i actually knew him. his dad
coached him and I on a soccer team back in 1st and 2nd
grade. anyway this hottie with a boddy's name is doug
valerio. and om has he changed. hes got like blonde/brown
hair thats kinda KYLE's (leonrad) hair. and
he has the cutest golden brown eyes, and tan, and
muscles..and what can i say..i love soccer players. lol.
hes such a flirt. i got to walk around with him for the
first half of the game. michael is gettin me his sn and
email so i can keep talking to him. i duno if he has a
girlfriend but the chemistry was sure there last nite. OW
OW! lol. anyway...guess what allie! jessica kinda has got a
crush...nothing big, but just think someone is cute and
fun. Tyler ward. i knew him from watching him play
basketball in 6th grade. my friends and i were all obsessed
back then. we wouild do stupid stuff like whistle when hed
shott a basket or take a pic of him shooting a free throw.
anyway, yeah. he's going out with ashley sheplin (sp?)
anway, she doesnt really like him that much anymore. she
likes joe....i dunno his last name. hes a soph and he can
drive, so she thinks it will be better. tyler still likes
her, but he's starting to get the hint i think. last nite
at the soccer game, tyler told her to come sit over by him
and john madagan and a bunch of other peeps and she stopped
smiling and looked at him and was like no..ew. and then she
went over by some sophs. to sit. i felt so bad for tyler.
he said that ashley never returns his calls or wants to do
anything with him on the weekends. wow. thats alot to write
about one guy. lol. im going on a retreat this coming
weekend. its at great oaks by lacon IL. it should be good.
alot of my washington friends will be there and adam too...
i hope it doesnt make me start liking him more than just a
friend. we get to do a high ropes course. those are always
fun! well anyway, i betta go. luv, jess.